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Helping you through the animation process

Everything for video and animation under one roof

Step 1 - Meetup

Whether over the phone or in person, a discovery meeting gives us the opportunity to define the project outcomes and define a detailed brief. You'll gain a full understanding of the process and everyone's responsibilities and I'll gain a full understanding of your requirements

Step 2 - Storyboard and Audio

Some animations require a storyboard or animatic creating. I'll get to work fleshing out the flow, rough audio and timing. This step will give you a good sense of the final timing and key messages.

Once complete you will have a review period to chop and change to your hearts content.

Step 3 - Production

Once everyone is happy with the storyboard the production can start. That could mean creating digital assets, look development, or filming for motion capture. Whatever your project requires, in step 3, I'll get to work sculpting your animation.

You will have lots of opportunity for feedback during production and I won't move on until you're happy.

Step 4 - Review

Rendering an animation can take time and I want to be sure that you're happy, so in step 4 I create a wire frame animation. Think of it as a low resolution rough animation. It really helps you to visualise the final animation.

Step 5 - Tweeks and Mods

Before I push the final render button, I'll make the requested changes and correct any errors, and once you're happy to proceed the final render can start.

Step 6 - Render and Edit

Your project is sent to the render farm and the final animation is created. Once we have the thousands of images that make up your animation, I'll get to work with your final edit, adding in audio, voice over, special effects and do the final colour grade to make  you animation look as good as it can.

Step 7 - Delivery Day

We've all been waiting to see the final product and delivery day will not disappoint. I'll transfer the final animation in your requested format as a digital file that you can show it off across the web, TV or Film.

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