"Frame 4 followed our brief perfectly and the attention to detail was truly impressive!"

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We love creating 3D animations, it’s what makes us tick.

Frame 4 is an animation, video editing and VFX studio. We work with companies big and small and offer a great service at a great price.


We’ve worked across sectors for many years, providing animations from aeronautics and automotive to packaging design and visual effects.


We provide consultancy services where required and have delivered many projects to a wide range of clients around the world. 

If you think the shoe fits, please get in touch for an informal talk and let us show you the benefits of video animation.



Our animated video services range from explainer video production, to visual effects or logo creation and live footage composition.


If  you have an idea and are happy to share, it would be great to talk and see how we can help bring your project to life.

We create stunning animations that can help promote your product or service. High resolution animation production, beautifully crisp and on message. 2D and 3D animations that can be used Online, TV or Film.

Video Animation

Great audio can transform your video animation into something really special. We can help you with backing tracks, audio editing and voice over in a multitude of tones, accents and genres. Just perfect to get your message across.

Audio Production & Voice Over

We have in-house 4K video editing facilities and can help with your project, big or small.

Video Editing

Need a CAD file animating or a photo realistic render for your marketing materials? We can help with A full CAD file import and animating service.

CAD Import

We have full access to motion capture facilities in a 200 sq ft green screen studio, great for character animation, compositing and VFX

Motion Capture and green screen

We can track live video footage and apply digital assets to your production, whether that is character animation, Smoke and fire or digital environments

Visual Effects and Motion Tracking

Our clients tell us time and again that working with us helps them outshine their competition


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Frame 4, Antenna Media Centre, Beck Street,

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