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Getting Inspiration for your Animation

We all get dry days, don't we? Usually I have a rest day when that happens, spend some time on Instagram or Pinterest in an attempt to re kindle the creative juices. What I've found though, is that I go around in circles using these familiar platforms and as with most machine curated content, the computer feeds me endless images of the same genre, things it thinks I will like.

In truth, I'm looking for inspiration, not an endless list of stuff I know I like. I want to be challenged and try something new. When this happens I start to look at blogs and what I find is the links in those blogs takes me to unexpected places. Small art house studios or individuals creating some truly inspiring animation.

My new favourite place (It's made it onto one of my startup tabs for now) is http://motionographer.com Why? well first up, I like the site, its clean and to the point and I see no adverts (Hallelujah). An oasis then, for sure, but also a place to find some truly excellent content and inspiration.

One of my favourites is Pilots in Training, take a look:

It's a joy to watch and makes everyone I sit and watch it with chuckle. It has something which I strive for, and that's the three things I try to get into every animation I create:

  • A struggle or challenge

  • A great story

  • Perfect timing

Speaking of great timing, another blog I visit is by an Italian animator, Chiara Porri. The home page is a long list of information, but stick with the scrolling and there's some great tips in there about character animation, you can view it yourself: https://iwanttobeananimator.wordpress.com/

Be sure to check out the "your animations" page. Chiara offers free feedback, tips and tricks and of course you get a link back to your website:)

My third pick is Stash. I found this site by pure chance and love the eclectic mix of video and animation that you get on there. Here's a preview of the type of thing you can expect:

I'm guaranteed after visiting one of these blogs to have something to get me going again, a small clip or character that starts the creative fluid flowing.

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