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Why are we called Frame 4

Frame 4 Video Animation studios logo
Frame 4 Video Animation studios logo

We've been asked a lot recently why we're called Frame 4. and the answer is simple. Over 25 years ago, when I first started to animate I used a very early version of Real 3D, which was an Amiga based animation package. I would use the first 3 frames of the timeline to set up the scene, things like object rest poses, lights and rigs. So frame 4 was the first frame of any animation that I would create. When I looked at starting an animation company, Frame 4 was the clear winner.

Real 3D on the Amiga was the Maya of its time

I cut my teeth on an Amiga 500 with some pretty impressive enhancements for the day. Equipped with an 040 processor I could render out a sphere on a chessboard in well under an hour. Unfortunately, those early renders are lost to VHS, which is where they ended up. I still have the tapes, I just can't play them.

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